The Process


We define what is the design problem the client has to be solved. Once defined, deposit and agreement is reviewed and completed.


We collect as much information there is on the problem that is available, past, present solutions if any at all, references or styles the client is enthused about and compile all information


We analyze the data collected, all assets and content, and then assess everything for a proper solution concept.


Once analyzing is completed, solution drafts and ideas are developed for presentation and execution.


Once ideas and drafts are developed, we present them to the client for review and get necessary feedback and selection.


Once final selection of an idea is done and feedback collected, the idea is refined and prepped for final execution.


Final development of the idea is executed and refined for final approval from the client.


Idea or solution is presented for final approval and review by the client.


Upon final approval, a plan of application to the necessary media outlets of solutions is applied. Then the Solution final files are prepped for hand over to the client.


Final Balance Payment is collected and final files are handed over. Then if needed future relations are agreed to keep solution updated or improvements can be done upon request.